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It's the year 2014--Would you like to make $50 overnight with Tangerine Canada? It is so easy and you can make more than that by referring your own friends..Read below as I am talking about 50% interest on one deposit of only $100. Tangerine---What a bank!!

Tangerine is a great bank in Canada (and the USA). Their online banking website is very easy to use and they offer a wide variety of accounts to best suit your needs with higher than normal interest rates and "incentives" (read below): Savings, Mutual Funds, GIC's, RRSP's, Tax Free Savings Accounts and Tax Free Savings Mutual Funds with a low MER of only 1% (much lower than many banks at 2.6%). They are always one step ahead of the other banks. Now they allow you to open a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) early before the next calendar year starts; and they give you extra bonuses for opening an account early with a much higher than normal interest rate. They also offer a TFSA within a mutual fund with a very low MER of 1% with no load fees unlike many other financial institutions. Read below for more info.

What is best of all, they offer you an unbelievable incentive of a free $50 for one simple opening account deposit of $100 into any of their accounts by using an "Orange Key". Not only do you get $50 by using this "Orange Key", but you can also refer others with your own "Orange Key" and get $50 for everyone that signs up using your number. You can't find the info. about the referral program on the ING site until you have signed up. (Though you can phone them and ask them about it). When you do you sign up you will see a link called "Refer a Friend" with details. The referral bonus used to be $13, but has since been raised to $25 and now $50 as of the summer of 2014. I have an email from the company which proves this.

1st step:

  • Sign up with Tangerine Canada for any account they offer.
  • Be sure to use my current Orange Key # when you sign up: 17465528S1
  • Deposit $100 into your new account.

This will get you your first $50

2nd Step:

  • Get a friend to sign up with Tangerine Canada
  • Give your friend your Tangerine Orange Key
  • Make sure your friend uses your Orange Key when they sign up
  • They will deposit $100

This will get you $50 and your friend $50

3rd Step:

  • Repeat step 2 for 49 other people

This will get you  $50 for each of the 49 people you get to sign up. Tangerine limits the referral program to 50 people though. You also get another bonus for every 10 people you sign up.


For those that are unaware of it, starting on January 1, 2009 the government of Canada started a new legal tax shelter program called the Tax Free Savings Account (a TFSA).  This is an account that allows you to invest your money without having to pay taxes on any gains (such as interest) that you might make in the account.

There are a few conditions:

  • you are limited to $5500 of investment per year
  • once you take money out you cannot replace it until the next year

Sounds pretty simple but there are some questions you may have:

  • How does it save me money in the long run?
  • Why is it better/different than an RRSP?
  • How can I invest my money in a TFSA?

Don't take my word for it- do some internet research of your own, or sign up now with Tangerine and learn more via their site.

Tangerine also offers a TFSA Mutual Fund called StreetWise that has a low MER of only 1% without any loading fees. This is a great way to save for the future and retirement tax free. There is no work involved so this is a great option for the novice investor like myself. Just stick your money in and earn money tax free up to the $5500 max. You can deposit money as often as you like per year, as long as you don't exceed $5500. You can add $5500 every single year from here-on-in. All the interest earned on top of the $5500 is yours and not the government's. The government may increase this amount as well over time as well. It is perhaps the best deal going. (ING offers one of the best interest rates on its regular TFSA).

Tangerine---What a bank!!

If you have any questions ask away: clay70@rogers.com

Now, if you are interested, go to Tangerine Canada link at the bottom left here and choose an account in which to put your $100. Even if it is only $100, where else can you earn 25% interest over night?  Use this Orange Key # 17465528S1 to get the $50 bonus. !

Here is their website http://www.tangerine.ca/en/sign-me-up/index.html


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